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Effects of Meth

Crystal meth (methamphetamine) has many side effects, but one of the most dangerous side effects of meth, other than death, is sexual.

Crystal meth has the effect of increasing one’s libido and craving for sex. This urgency often leads meth users to engage in unsafe sexual practices. The sexual side effects of meth, while allowing users to have increased endurance in sex, can also lead to erectile dysfunction. These sexual side effects of meth can cause multiple problems as a consequence.

Since meth users are able to ‘last longer’, due to an inability to reach orgasm, a sex session on meth can result in tearing, chafing, and other trauma to the genital region. Furthermore, the sexual side effects of meth from erectile dysfunction may lead some users to resort to receiving anal sex and/or fisting. This can further cause bodily damage, and when combined with the unsafe nature of the vast majority of sexual acts on meth, contributes to the spread of HIV and AIDS.

Side Effects of Meth
Side Effects of Meth

Moreover, according to some studies, other sexual side effects of meth related to this include an increased depletion of T-blood cells, the possible onset of a form of dementia, and greater stimulation of HIV replication in the brain.

These sexual side effects of meth and their health consequences are becoming a serious issue in the gay community especially. In fact, the Pride Institute of New York has gone on record as saying "We're seeing a strong correlation between crystal and HIV infection.” Clearly the side effects of meth are far reaching.

The side effects of meth go well beyond such things as dry mouth, lesions, personal hygiene issues, and erratic behavior (to name a few). Indeed, the sexual side effects of meth are contributing to one of the worst diseases humanity has ever seen.