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Marijuana Side Effects

The negative implications of marijuana side effects are often the focus of attention in many societies. However there are equally as many, if not more marijuana side effects that are either beneficial (especially in the case of some patients with severe diseases) or harmless at best.

It is true that marijuana side effects may include memory problems, distorted perception, loss of coordination, an increased heart rate, and anxiety and paranoia. It is also true that long-term exposure to marijuana can damage the lungs in the same way as tobacco.

Marijuana Side Effects
Marijuana Side Effects

However, marijuana side effects also work to suppress nausea, relieve eye pressure, ease muscle spasms, stop convulsions, stimulate the appetite, and relieve menstrual pain. These marijuana side effects have been seen as a good thing in benefiting the lives of patients suffering from diseases like cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis (to name a few).

Furthermore, subjective marijuana side effects reported by users also include an increased sense of creativity and open-mindedness, a habit of laughing at normally not-humorous things, and a sensation known as “the munchies”.

The “munchies” is a term that refers to a marijuana users’ heightened sense of hunger that come along with using the drug. However, other than leading to fridge raids across a nation where marijuana is available, the munchies, like most other marijuana side effects are harmless.

While it must be admitted that there are marijuana side effects that are less than desirable, there seems to be just as many, if not more marijuana side effects that are either beneficial or harmless to the user.