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Long term Effects of Marijuana

The long term effects of marijuana are not well studied and therefore not well known.  The assumption that all long term effects of marijuana will have a negative impact on the test subjects make it impossible to develop a controlled experiment.  However, there are long term users that are willing to submit to interviews examining the health concerns related to the long term effects of marijuana. 

In California, scientists studying a group of people who smoke marijuana daily without mixing it with tobacco discovered these people to have more sick days and doctor visits for respiratory problems than the non-smoking population. There was no data comparing these people to daily cigarette smokers to see if smoking marijuana daily differs from smoking cigarettes.  However, marijuana and tobacco share some of the same carcinogens.  Some of these are actually found in higher concentrations in marijuana.  Regardless of carcinogen potency, smoking marijuana is going to introduce foreign substances into the lungs.  Thinking this way, the long term effects of marijuana on the respiratory will be the same as those for smoking

Long Term Effects of Marijuana
Long term Effects of Marijuana

THC, the active component of marijuana, also acts on the brain.  There are some schools of thought that believe that long term effects of marijuana lead to poor memory, loss of motor control, and generalized apathy.  Popular culture depicts pot heads as very relaxed individuals without a care in the world.  There is no scientific evidence proving or disproving this theory.

Another of the long term effects of marijuana is potential abuse of other, more addictive drugs.  It is believed that marijuana is a gateway drug which starts young kids off on a life of searching for the next high.  If this is in fact true, then serious long term effects of marijuana include addictions to alternate drug.

There is no concrete evidence describing the long term effects of marijuana.  It has been extensively studied for years and nothing concrete has really been discovered.  If you choose to use marijuana, listen to your body and monitor for early changes signaling different long term effects of marijuana.