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Effects of Marijuana

The nature and effects of marijuana consumption depend on a number of factors.  First of all, this article addresses the immediate effects of marijuana.  The immediate effects of marijuana vary depending on dose, potency of the product, and user specific conditions.

The effects of marijuana in relatively small doses are predictably minor.  The user will probably experience a slight elevation of mood and a sense of contentment.  Appetite may or may not increase.  At low doses, the user appears to act normally although they may seem somewhat blunted.  As dosage increases, the amount of THC, the active chemical, reaching the blood also increases.  Concurrently, the effects of marijuana become more pronounce and variable.    Often, the user’s actions are dictated by the activity they are performing.  If the user is inactive, the effects of marijuana will make this person feel drowsy and relaxed.  On the other hand, during times of activity, the effects of marijuana artificially cause the user to feel more energetic and hyperactive.

Effects of Marijuana
Effects of Marijuana

Potency of the drug simply results in variable effects of marijuana with identical doses.  That is, at the same dosage, a more potent form of marijuana will produce more effects than a less potent dose. 

User specific conditions vary the effects of marijuana by altering the normal mental and physical state of the person.  For instance, using marijuana in a stressful or unknown area may cause the user to have heightened psychological responses similar to an anxiety attack.  This scenario would also activate the body’s fight or flight response resulting in palpitations, increased respiratory rate, sweating and clammy hands.  Conversely, if the user were in a condition where they were extremely comfortable, non of these effects of marijuana would be experienced.  Some laboratory data indicate that only one in five people experience the anxiety effects of marijuana without situational stimulation.

Generalized effects of marijuana include: euphoria, relaxation, pleasure/anxiety, laughter, sensory enhancements.